Why I’m Choosing Safer Beauty with Beautycounter

When I started my journey as a makeup artist years ago, I remember that the most important part of it was that I wanted to make a difference in someones life.  I wanted them to feel the most beautiful they have ever felt.  I wanted them to know that my time with them was extremely valuable, it wasn’t just a makeup application where I would put makeup on for a few minutes and go on my merry little way.  Nope, not that at all!  I wanted my clients to know that I was there to listen to them and what they truly wanted, and in addition to that, help them with any of there skin concerns.

As the years passed and I became more involved in the beauty industry, I vowed to give my clients all of my knowledge and honesty on what works and what doesn’t.  I didn’t cater towards makeup fads, because those come and go, but what would actually look good on my clients features.  I vowed to have the wisdom to tell a client that a particular look they were going for may actually not be a good one for their features.  Instead, guiding them down the path of beauty with the most perfect look for them.

Shortly after, I started my blog so that I could update everyone on product information, and as much as I loved doing that, I felt it didn’t serve its purpose.  I wanted more!  I wanted to give my clients and readers more, more information, and more studies.  Along the way, I have read countless health books.  Filling my brain with knowledge, but what I didn’t realize was that all this information was also pertaining to my makeup clientele.  As I dug deeper and deeper, I started to understand that products we place on our skin create a big impact on our bodies, not only internally, but externally.  I learned what xenoestrogens were and how they have a huge hormonal impact on a woman’s face.  I shifted through every single skincare, makeup, and beauty product that I personally own and started researching.  More than half of the products that I was using were actually causing a risk to my health.  And that is when the light bulb went off!!

I cleaned out my makeup drawers, I threw many items away.  Hurt, angry, and disappointed in so many of the beauty companies that I believed so highly in.  I felt that I was lied to.  Did you know that the law does not require cosmetic products and ingredients, except for color additives, to be approved by the FDA before they go on the market?  Did you know that our cosmetics safety laws haven’t been significantly updated since 1938, when Franklin D. Roosevelt was President?  Meanwhile, science has evolved to show that some of the ingredients commonly used in the beauty industry have been linked to harmful health outcomes.  (Something to think about my loves!)

Here I sat, in front of my computer, in disbelief.  I tried so many times to get this blog post up, but didn’t know how to approach this topic.  So, instead I posted some videos on my youtube channel.  I discussed How to Get Glowing Skin and eliminate xeneostregens, while posting about skincare that was beneficial to your body without triggering the endocrine system!  I researched sunscreen after sunscreen, the past two years and finally found one that scored an EWG rating of 1 with Beautycounter and that is when everything changed for me!



The more I read up on Beautycounter, the more impressed I became.  I decided to order the sunscreen and a handful of other makeup products from Beautycounter so this way I could put them to the test myself and see if they were really worth it.  Sure enough, they were!  And I haven’t stopped discussing how wonderful there makeup is while educating women at the same time about the benefits of better beauty since I first tried them!  Beautycounter advocates for better regulation within the cosmetics industry, while bringing forth high performing products.

My beauties (my clients) have always been my priority.  They know that when they choose me, that I will always be there for them.  It doesn’t matter how long it has been since there last application.  I remember each and every one of them, and I always remember our conversations.  It’s not just about makeup, it is a bond that only we share.  It’s a loyalty I have to them that I will always be honest and tell them what is the most beneficial for them in any way that I can!  And here I am, bringing my loyalty to all of you, once again, in the movement to better and safer beauty products!

Some of my faves include the Tint Skin Foundation (in the summer I am the shade Honey, and in the cooler months I am the shade Sand), The Mattifying Powder, The Flawless in Five Collection, and the lipglosses are amazing!

Beautycounter discloses everything.  The team has developed a rigorous ingredient screening process, looking for data on skin irritation, carcinogenicity, reproductive toxicity, cumulative exposure and more.  And they share every little bit of it.  (See for yourself on their home page FAQ.) If you ever, ever have any questions about skincare, wellness or anything related to that, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Join me on this journey, you owe it to yourself to give yourself the gift of good health!

In good health and better beauty,