Hey Everyone!

After a long road I finally have my Blog together!  I created Glow and Glam as a platform that will cater to all things beauty! 

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has been so supportive throughout my entire journey:

My Mom and Dad who gave me the strength and courage to always follow my dreams.  Teaching me that the only way to achieve something is by going out into the world and getting it.  Instilling in me to be an independent, strong, and fearless woman and that the sky is the limit!!!

My Husband who is My Best Friend that is always there for me!  Believing in me from Day 1 and being so proud of every move I have made into this world of makeup.

My Brother and My Extended Family that have been so excited and supportive over everything that has come my way!

My Son that gets me going every single day and the reason why I push myself even when I feel I can’t move any further.  I want him to know and show him that there are no limits – Everything is Possible!

And to all of my friends and followers that take the time out to read all of my posts and tweets ….


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