Tip Tuesday – Taming Your Brows

How many times have you looked at your brows in the mirror and wondered how to get them to stay in place?   I am sure at least once.  I have the type of brow hairs that move a lot throughout the day  – which gets pretty frustrating (for me).  And if you find it difficult to keep your eyebrows in place then you totally understand what I mean!

Well, if you have some hairspray laying around and an extra spooly or mascara wand you can tame your brows in less than 10 seconds and keep them in place the entire day!

Tip Tuesday - Taming Your Brows


Just spritz the spooly with the hair spray lightly it does not have to be soaked and then brush your eyebrows into place and you are set!

You can see exactly how I do this on my YouTube Channel:



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