Tip Tuesday – Exfoliating with St Ives

Have you ever applied your makeup and wondered why your foundation doesn’t sit well on your skin?  Or maybe your skin feels rough/dry to touch?  Well it most likely is because it needs to be exfoliated!  We often neglect our face from this very important step.  So now your probably asking yourself “What product should I use to exfoliate my face?”.

I use and recommend the St Ives Apricot Scrub – Fresh Skin about 3 times a week.  It’s great for removing the dead skin cells off of the face as well as minimizing pores, and will deep clean your skin while leaving it glowing!  It will leave your skin refreshed and ready for your moisturizer.   This scrub is not relatively new to my makeup routine. I have been an absolute fan of this product since my late teens. Reason being it really works and it is an inexpensive beauty find that delivers splurge results. As the years have come and go I still return to this product and they have launched several different kinds to accommodate all skin types – which I think is really amazing. Check out my latest video on my channel that will go into all of the details on this amazing product…


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