The Truth About Cancer

Interesting subject, right!!  You’re probably wondering why this topic is even being posted on my blog.  And you’re probably saying to yourself “Josephine, you’re a makeup artist.  What do you know about cancer?”  LOL.  Well if you have been following me for quite some time now as a client, friend, or a subscriber than you will notice that there are times where I mention on my blog natural eating and the effects that it has on your skin.  Then you may notice on Instagram or Snapchat (JosephineFusco) that I post photos about some of the foods I eat and lunches or breakfasts that I make and enjoy.  And you’re still probably saying to yourself what does this have to do with makeup or skincare.


Let me give all of you a quick little recap.  Growing up my mom always cooked.  She is, in my opinion, the best cook I know.  Always bringing us up with vegetables and home made healthy delicious meals with the exception of pasta from time to time.  I mean comon’, we are a big italian family!  But, as the years went on and issues arose with health within our family my mother dove into this amazing journey all on her own on what foods were beneficial for what ailment.  To me, that was extremely inspiring!  And mind you back then there wasn’t any Google.  She educated herself on the benefits of certain foods that help with diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure and overall health.  She was, in all honesty, better than a nutritionist.  And because of that I always had a love for food.  Let me reiterate that; I always had a love for food that did a body good!  And so as I reached my twenties I incorporated all this amazing knowledge just from my mom alone while I was at work.

In the Fall of 2004, I was blessed to work with one of Manhattan’s leading plastic and reconstructive surgeons Dr. Mauro C. Romita.  I was given the amazing opportunity to be educated about skincare, anti-aging techniques, plastic surgery, and how all of this coincided with your eating patterns as well.  To get the most out of a procedure the ideal thing to do is start a very good eating regimen.  I remember how crucial it was for patients to stop smoking, eliminate intake of salt, carbs, sugar etc in order to prepare there body for surgery.  Because in doing so, the healing time would be dramatically reduced.  And I must say, those that followed the advice and regimen from their presurgical plan; those were the ones that healed faster and saw results even faster!

Although, our main goal in the practice was to help men and women feel great about themselves; we also made it our business to eat right as well!  I remember making healthy smoothies for Dr. Romita before he went into a 5 hour surgery so that he had enough protein to get him through it.  Always having nuts and legumes on hand in the kitchen area as a snack so that our blood sugars wouldn’t drop during a very hectic day of patients.  Having all this knowledge and taking everything with me throughout my career, Ive been able to help many of my own personal clients!  Giving them the best advice possible when it comes to there skin.  Because makeup is only superficial and as I always say that beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin!  And beautiful skin comes from within!  (Now remember these words).

Well lets fast forward a little bit.  Almost two years ago, nearly a decade later, my uncle was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Stage IV in his brain.  It came to the entire family as a sudden shock!  All I remember is rushing to the hospital because they thought he had a stroke.  Well, little did we know in a few short hours my aunt would be told that he had a tumor the size of an egg in his brain.  And that immediate surgery was needed.  The surgery was a success but the recovery was and still is a complete heart ache.  Let me give you a little bit of history about my uncle.  He is one of the most selfless, caring, happiest man I have ever met.  When I married my husband, I was blessed with so many wonderful people around us.  And one of them in-particular, was Uncle Angelo!  Always happy, always laughing, always the life of the party!  Smiling was never an option, it was just something he always had on his face.  He lit up the room with his jokes.  And the way he loved his wife was so beautiful!

So here we are, almost two years after his surgery and “that” Uncle Angelo that I know is hidden behind Cancer.  Although, he is so thankful to be alive, it stripped him of his worth and happiness.  Once I began educating myself even more about cancer and its treatments, I couldn’t understand how his tumor was removed but he was still suffering.  Suffering with seizures, fogginess, sadness, swollen feet to the point where he couldn’t walk, lost a lot of his memory, hallucinations from medication after medication, no appetite, no desire to do anything.  I found myself asking myself ;  Is this is what is supposed to happen when Cancer is found?  Is this what is supposed to happen when a cancerous tumor is removed?  Is this is what supposed to happen after treatment?  None of it made sense to me.

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I gave my aunt recipe after recipe about all these healthy powerhouse smoothies that would give him energy, eliminating sugar, any and all white carbs, dairy, etc.  Because I know that cancer feeds off of sugar, and chemo strips your entire body leaving you with no energy.  But instead, when I went to discuss all of this with her, she showed me a list of foods he should eat after the surgery.  And I just could not believe this hand out that the hospital gave to her that basically said the opposite of what I was telling her to do.  Now, I always believe my physicians. There’s a reason we have doctors.  Right?!

Well, over the last few months I started educating myself even deeper regarding foods and natural medicines.  And to my dismay, I found that all along the best way to heal our bodies is with food.  Now, I do not mean fast food.  I mean real whole food.  Vegetables, and whole sprouted grains, and organic meats like grass fed beef and chicken.  I began reading books from Dr. Joel Fuhrman and Dr. Josh Axe that have completely changed the way I look at food.  Taking my cooking skills one step further, I started to implement these recipes and incorporate foods into me and my families daily diet.


And as time went on my uncle still continues to have these terrible seizures (which doctors can not seem to find where they are coming from).  So what do they do, they change his meds around.  Does it help?  NO!  He has swelling so bad in his lower extremities that he makes big foots feet look small.  And test after test, they find nothing!  NOTHING!  Strange, right?!

Then one day over a week ago, I received the new book from Dr. Axe.  I was like a kid in a candy store diving through his new book: EAT DIRT !  And each night when I had a little time to myself I read and read and read.  And what I started to come across was how all things come from the gut.  And how so many issues are curable just based off of some of the foods that we ingest.  And then I flipped to another page and much to my belief comes this whole section about the toxic leaky gut that forms from over use of antibiotics.  As Im reading it, my uncle starts popping into my mind.  As I read each line of symptoms it comes to me that this is exactly what Uncle Angelo is suffering from!  The Candida Gut!

So the following day I rush over to there house and start giving them a list of things that we are going to start doing!  I made him Swiss Chard, Lemon Tarragon Chicken, Tumeric Bean Soup, a Powerhouse Green Smoothie packed with Spirulina, Flax Seed, Swiss Chard, Plant Protein, and Coconut Water.  So what happened?  Well, he ate every single thing I put in front of him.  And within a few hours he went from this pale pasty looking self to this man that had a color so vibrant in his skin that I haven’t seen in over a year!  Hmmm, so what does that tell you?  Well, Ill tell you what it told me!  It showed me how food can heal you.  How the RIGHT foods can heal you!  Later that evening I left my aunt with a list of protocols that she should try to implement the next 3-7 days.  Which she has!   And much to my belief, he has not had a seizure in one week.

Then, the tip of the iceberg!  I get a notification on Facebook from Dr. Axe that there is this 9 Day documentary airing on Tuesday April 12th.  And what is it called?  The Truth About Cancer.  I signed up for it and encourage my clients, followers, friends and family to watch this documentary.  Because Cancer is around us everywhere.  I tuned into the first show with my eyes peeled wide open for the next 2 hours and I just could not get over half of the things I was watching and listening to.  And sure enough there it was, the answer to Cancer.  How what we put in our bodies can save us!

So, to conclude from what I said above about beautiful skin coming from within, this is what I believed in all along.  It’s not just about a skincare regimen to bring forth this voluminous glowing skin.  It all comes from within.  It all ties in together!  Now, I am not saying that topical meds and/or internal meds do not work.  But what I am saying is that there is an alternative!  You see, to me it’s not just about cancer.  It’s overall as a society, there are several different ailments that we are plagued by.  The Truth About Cancer, in my opinion, targets all of us a whole.  You see, we are what we digest.  Some suffer from diabetes, other from cystic acne, or fibromyalgia to name a few.  And listening to these physicians discuss so many options for cancer patients the last two evenings made me realize how many ailments my own clients suffer from that maybe I can help!

And that is why I wrote this blog post today; to encourage all of you to take the time out to watch this 9 day documentary “The Truth About Cancer“.  If I can help just one person from this then I feel I have succeeded as a person.


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