Spring Fashion 2014

What better time to start discussing Spring Fashion than now because it’s really starting to feel like Spring here in New York!  So I decided, why not take some time out to discuss some of this seasons trends that are easy to transition into!  I sat down with Laura Yoder of 24-7 Style and this is what she had to say ….

This spring and summer should satisfy the fashion-palette of ladies everywhere as there are so many options and trends.  With styles ranging from edgy to classic, ensembles will easily fit the tastes and moods of the ladies donning them.

One of my favorite trends this season are the sporty looks and pieces dominating runways and stores across the country.  With that said, I adore the juxtaposition of a sporty piece paired with more feminine options.  We’re also seeing feminine attributes applied to sporty pieces, for instance, floral patterns on hi-top sneakers.

Sporty Look

(Top:  Topshop    /  Skirt:  Warehouse   /   Bag:  Whiting&Davis   /   Shoes:  Ivanka)

After the frigid winter, the upcoming season will be ALL about color!  And instead of one bright piece mixed into an outfit, try mixing a variety of coordinating colors into an ensemble.  For example, a pastel or mint green top or dress can easily be worn with fuchsia costume jewelry, in other words, its perfectly acceptable to pair color instead of only pairing with a neutral.

color look

(Top:  Warehouse   /   Bracelet:  Baublebar)

Floral prints will also be everywhere splattered across everything, including accessories like bags and shoes, but also dresses, tops and even pants.  The prints will range from small and delicate to large splashes of flowers with more of a painterly effect.  I love the countless floral options offered by Oasis – such cute options for everyone!

Floral Pieces

(Dress:  Oasis   /   Top:  Oasis)

Lastly, skin will still be shown off, however, in many instances, designers are using skin as more of a contrasting color to the garments being worn.  Look for side cutouts or mesh panels and when choosing separates, think about just an inch or so of flesh being shown above the waist… pair a shorter top or crop top with a high-waist skirt.  The look is actually very ladylike versus the bare-it-all outfits we saw in the Britney Spears and Christina Aguilara days in the late 90s and early 2000’s.  A good example of this feminine skin-baring look can be seen in this Shopbop lookbook!

Have you began wearing any of these trends?


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