As a makeup artist and skincare expert I deal with all different types of skin and I find it so important that you take as much care of your skin as you do buying makeup for it.  That is why I always say that beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin!

Creating a daily skin care regimen is imperative.  You should always start and finish your day with a good facial cleanser or cleansing oil.  Depending on your skin type the options are endless, from creams to gels to oils.  Washing your skin will remove excess makeup and debris that is on your face from day to day – so even when you don’t wear makeup you should cleanse your face because there are toxins in the air that are bad for your skin.

Once you’ve completed that step and the skin is nice and dry – it’s on to serums.  Facial serums are an imperative part to flawless skin.  It goes on after your skin is cleansed – preferably in the morning – penetrating deep into the layers of your skin, fighting away sun damage, bringing vitamins rich in antioxidants into the facial layers and rejuvenating it !

Then lavish your skin with another layer of age fighting protection – face cream.  A good face cream specific to your skin type will give you that beautiful glow and set the skin for makeup.  But remember that your eyes are just as important.  So many women forget to use eye cream and ignore the eye area.  The skin around the eye is ten times thinner then the face so it is essential to take care of it by keeping it moisturized.  If you don’t moisturize the eye area, I can guarantee that it will not look as vibrant and youthful.  The right eye cream will instantly brighten the eye and de-puff it, leaving a nice base for eye makeup.

So here you have it!  This is how I get my day started before my makeup application.  Once you implement it you will see that it takes no more than 5 minutes but the results will prove to you how important it is to incoporate these steps!  I’ld love to hear from you so feel free to leave a comment and/or questions.

xoxo Josephine