Winter, Winter, Winter!  Just when it seems to get a bit warmer another cold gust comes through!  Which means your dry skin isn’t going anywhere.  Even though you have your go-to moisturizer you still may need a boost – something with a little bit more moisture.  During the cold months it’s so important to keep up with your daily moisturizer in order to keep the dry skin at bay and if you feel that you still aren’t getting enough out of your moisturizer then it’s time to incorporate a serum.

A serum helps penetrate deep into the layers of the skin getting where moisturizer can’t.  Leaving you with glowing skin as the end result

Here are my top 3 choices …

1).  ProHeal Serum by IS Clinical.  You get more bang for your buck with this serum – not only does it quench your dry skin with its olive leaf extract but it fights against acne and has a high level of antioxidant protection!

2).  Moisturizing Complex by IS Clinical.  With its Green Tea Extract it will smooth and soften your skin while adding enhanced hydration with its Jojoba Seed Oil!

3).  Cerave Moisturizer.  This moisturizer will restore damaged skin slowly throughout the day and restore its protective layers as well.

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What’s your favorite moisturizer?