Get YOUR skin Glowing in 2019!!!
Hello my beauties!  

Welcome to 2019!  It’s going to be an amazing year!  I know most of us have made New Years Resolutions, and if you are like me, you plan on sticking to them!  

If the Holiday Season has left your skin dull, dry, or maybe experiencing breakouts AND maybe you’re feeling sluggish, out of sorts or your body is begging you to get back on track … then this newsletter is for you!!

I am a huge advocate of keeping your gut in proper balance so that your skin can glow!  I am always posting videos on essential skincare products that will give you the skin you always dreamed of!  But that is only part of what truly makes your skin vibrant.  There are other factors such as proper supplementation, and foods that bring forth that inner glow!!!  

Therefore, I am excited to invite you to join me Jan. 21-25th to Master Your Metabolism with a Well Oiled Plan! The prep for this begins now in order to change some of the bad habits and bring in the new year with healthy habits to give you the the best life and year yet! Join today by clicking the group link below so you don’t miss the preparation to the kickoff on January 21st! This group will include:

✔️A FREE ebook!
✔️FREE printable Worksheets to track your goals
✔️Daily support 
✔️5 day Education on dōTERRA products 
✔️LIVE videos
✔️DIY recipes 
✔️Lots of laughing and fun through this virtual platform!

The group is public and ALL are welcome!  So if you have some friends or family members that you would like to share this with or maybe you have an accountability partner – please invite them as well!I can’t wait to start 2019 with you all and have the healthiest, happiest year yet!

In Good Health and Glowing Skin,

Josephine Fusco
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