IT Cosmetics  Superhero Mascara

Imagine having lashes so lustrous and long with one coat of mascara?  Imagine having a length so beautiful on your lashes that would put Wonder Woman to shame?  Yes it is possible to find a mascara that wraps each individual lash in a volume-boosting, lengthening and ultra-conditioning black cape of power and color that’s clinically shown to give you your strongest, longest, thickest and most defined lashes! And you can get it all in one tube with the new IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara!

There is no doubt about how fantastic this mascara is!  IT Cosmetics has brought superhero powers to a mascara that is suitable for any age!  Formulated with powerful peptides and proteins, strengthening biotin, lash-lifting polymers and plumping collagen, this anti-aging mascara will take your lashes to new heights. The innovative formula and Lash-Changing Power Brush work together to coat every lash from base to tips, lifting and separating to create a fuller lash line—no lash is left behind! This super-black mascara is also super-buildable, so lash power is at your fingertips; simply apply more coats to add volume and length.

If you are a mascara fanatic like myself then you are really going to enjoy applying this mascara because the results are outstanding.  I am not one to wear false lashes every day.  Honestly, I probably put on a pair of false lashes once a month when I am going to an event.  But I really do not have the time to apply falsies often.  But what I do enjoy is applying a mascara that gives me this amazing length and fullness to my lashes and making it appear as if I have lash extensions on (not false lashes).  You really can not get better than that!!

Want to see how amazing the IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara is?  Then check out my latest video:


IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara is offering an amazing deal on QVC for a limited time $26.36 for two (not one) but TWO!!!  Get your hands on it today!  And let me know what you think when you use it!


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