Dry Skin Brushing + GIVEAWAY

Dry brushing?  You are probably saying to yourself, “Josephine, what are you talking about?”.  Did you know that when you dry brush your skin before a shower it will exfoliate your skin more than any scrub will do!  Yep, dry brushing is one of the most beneficial ways to rid your body of toxins and get rid of the dead skin that lays dormant on your body!  Yleck!!

These are my TOP 5 Reasons to Dry Brush your skin:

  1. Get rid of the dead skin!  Our skin is the largest outermost extension of our bodies so by dry brushing it will help get rid of toxins.
  2. Adrenal Stimulation!  If you are feeling fatigued then dry skin brushing is going to reset your adrenals and help with stress.
  3. Lymphatic Drainage!  Get the bad toxins out of your body and stimulate your liver!
  4. Increase Blood Circulation!  Give your blood blow more oxygen, hence more energry!
  5. Get Rid of Cellulite!  Did you know that cellulite is fat cells that are storing garbage on your body!  Put those nasty cottage cheese looking dimples in the trash!


You can find dry brushes anywhere!  But, make sure you go with a dry skin brush that has natural bore bristles.  I really like this set from the company Minamul because it includes a Long LOOFAH BACK SCRUBBER and FACIAL KONJAC SPONGE for a complete full body in-home spa like treatment.  And they stand behind this product with a full 90 DAY no questions asked money back GUARANTEE!  Can’t beat that!

To make this even better for all of my subscribers, I am going to be doing a GIVEAWAY for this dry skin brush set!  Two lucky winners will receive 20% off there purchase of this dry skin brush set!  The rules for the entry are super easy:

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  5. I will be announcing the winner on Friday, July 28, 2017 via Direct Message on Instagram.

If you want to learn more about my thoughts on Dry Skin Brushing then head on over to my YouTube Channel where I go over more details:


Cheers to good health!