ABOUT just a bit about Josephine Fusco (Makeup by Josephine)

A love for beauty.

With a love for beauty that has endured since my childhood – it was only a matter of time until I turned to a career in the field of beauty. As a makeup artist and beauty expert, my style caters to each person individually. I approach each client as beautiful – accenting their uniqueness and enhancing the beauty of their features.

 Who would’ve thought that as a little girl roaming around in my mom’s makeup case I would eventually pioneer in such a field. I remember watching my mom from the other side of her makeup kit and mirror being mesmerized at how she applied her makeup glamorously! And as I grew older into my teens my love for beauty remained the same. Trying different brands of makeup and creating my own tips with liners, mascaras and blushes. I was the girl my friends would come to do their makeup before a big night out. Continuing my education I went on to get my Bachelors of Science in HealthCare Management from St. Francis College in Downtown Brooklyn. Although makeup was my heart I still felt it was very important to continue my education in another field I always loved as well.

While my taste for the art of makeup developed – my curiosity grew too. And In 2004 I began working as a Business Manager for by far the best Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeon in Manhattan – Dr. Mauro C. Romita.  Being located on the upper east side of Fifth Avenue was eye opening for me. I learned so many aesthetic techniques with a natural approach that most makeup artists would dream of.  Thanks to Dr. Romita and his vast knowledge in the cosmetic field – I am able to look at a client and help them both aesthetically and cosmetically.  So, here I am today helping Glamify one client at a time.  I will leave you with this: The products that I have in my makeup kit are my favorites and have been used on myself and my clients over hundreds of times.  Sometimes new products are just publicized because they are “new” … but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a great product that delivers great things! I promise I will take you from every day to GLAMOROUS !!!